Don't miss our next meeting! Tuesday, May 2 @ 11:45 am

Larry's II Restaurant


Our guest will be

Katrina D'Alesandro 


SJ Volunteers for Veterans Boot Memorial

The memorial will honor service members from our area who were Killed in Action.
The boots will be displayed on a large field with each boot representing one service member Killed in Action
Each boot will have a tag identifying the fallen service member
by name, rank, branch and KIA date.

Come out and learn more about this memorial project.

Meeting highlights from our April 27, 2023
Dinner Meeting
The meeting was called to order by President, Harry MaloneyFrank Rumick led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Linda Foster conducted the 4-Way Test and Sandy Hearing led us in prayer. Gus Foster was Sargeant at Arms. Notetaker was Linda Rumick.  No upcoming birthday Rotarians were present (check below for all birthdays and anniversaries for the month). Guests were Distinguished Service Citation Awardees Emily Walters and Illeana Santos Fuentes. Emily was accompanied by her parents, Leslie and Ronald Walters and Illeana was accompanied by Violet Sheppard. RCSJ Rotaract Advisor Beatrice Hughes attended with her grandson, Scott Hoffman.
We honored our Interact and Rotaract
Distinguished Service Citation Awardees!


Youth Services Director, Sandy Hearing explained that "Interact" stands for International Action. The club brings together young people ranging in age from 12 to 18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self which is their motto. The first Interact was authorized at Melbourne High School in Florida in 1862. Today it continues to thrive worldwide with the United States, Brazil, India and Japan having he highest number of Interact Clubs.

Interact Distinguished Service Awardee, Emily Walters is a senior at CCTEC majoring in Information Techology. Her Interact Advisors, Mr. Campbell and Mrs. Smisk were unable to attend, but they sent the following comments, noting that they wanted to recognize Emily for her outstanding performance throughout her years in the Interact Club. "She has attended most, if not ALL of the events wee have offered over the years She is always the first to sign up, attend every meeting and share service ideas whenever they come up Her dedication and service have been greatly appreciated and she will be missed after her graduation We are proud of her!" Pictured are (from left): Sandy Hearing, Leslie Walters, awardee Emily Walters and Ronald Walters.


Rotaract is a blending of the words Rotary and Action, The purpose of the club is to bring together young adults 18 and older to exchange ideas with leaders in the community develop leadership skills and have fun through service. Rotoract began in 1968 in Charlotte North Carolina and has grown to 10,680 clubs worldwide.

Rotaract Distinguished Service Awardee, Illeana Santos Fuentes is a bio medical major at Rowan College of South Jersey. She was introduced by Rotaract Advisor, Beatrice Hughes who explained that even though Illeana is a first year member of the club, she jumped in and was soon elected as the club's President. Illeana has participated in every activity the club has pursued this year - from assisting with the RCSJ Blood Drive, the Festival of Lights, a campus-wide effort to provide holiday gifts, clothing and coats to school children throughout Cumberland County during the Christmas season and, the Easter card project for residents of Genesis Health Care when club members produce handmade and decorated Easter cards. She was also a leading producer in the club's recent "Smencils" fundraising project. Illeana is also very involved in helping her family with her young siblings. Pictured are (from left): Linda Rumick (assistant advisor), Sandy Hearing, awardee Illeana Santos Fuentes and Advisor Beatrice Hughes. Congratulations, Illeana!

Each recipient receives a Distinguished Service Citation certificate, a Rotary 4-Way Test Coin and a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card. Gift cards are provided for all Distinguished Service recipients by Rotary members,
the law firm of Testa Heck Testa & White.
What was YOUR Rotary Moment?
Member alert: President Harry Maloney has asked that everyone come to the Tuesday, May 2nd meeting prepared to talk about their "Rotary Moment" -- that is the event or moment that triggered you to make the decision to join the Vineland Rotary. We can't wait to hear YOUR story.
Do NOT miss this one!
Drinks with the District Governor
Friday, May 12th 
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
@ Luna's Outdoor Bar & Grill 4940 Landis Avenue 
All Rotarians are invited to enjoy an evening of fun and fellowship with District Governor Michael Thompson.
Look at the incredible impact Vineland Rotary has had in our community with
our Hunger Project!

Challenger League Buddy Day!   VOLUNTEER!!


June 10 is the last day of the Challenger League season - and that's traditionally Rotary "Buddy" Volunteer Day. Mark your calendars now and plan to participate in a fun-filled and very fulfilling day of service in our community.
Blood Drive - DONATE!!

Next Blood Drive is Tuesday 5/9/23 at the Ramada - we need volunteers! Contact Jim Siwek for more information @ 


Spirit and Truth Lunch Project - VOLUNTEER!!
Next Spirit and Truth lunch project is Friday, 5/5/23 at the Ramada - we need volunteersFirst United Methodist Church at 7th and Landis. Contact Joanne Hewes for more information @

Need a Rotary Shirt or T-Shirt?

Frank Rumick will have a variety of sizes available (for new members who have not yet received their Rotary shirt) at our Tuesday, May 2 luncheon meeting.


Important Notices for the Membership:

Proposed Officers
for 2023-2024:

Andrew Browne, President
Jay Einstein, VP of Programs
Josie Spinelli, VP of Fundraising
Harry Maloney, Immediate Past Pres.
David Schad, Charities Treasurer
Bonnie Laube, Club Treasurer
Melody Montgomery, Club Secretary
Sherry Soutiere, Community Service 
Karen Bauman, Club Administration
Gail Marino, Membership 
Maureen Simmons, Foundation
Sandy Hearing, Youth Services Chair
Linda Rumick, Community Awareness 
Susanna Philippoussis, International Service
New Member:
Nancy Spinelli, from Ackerman Spinelli Realty Inc. has applied for an individual Rotary Membership. Nancy's membership was proposed by Board Member Josie Spinelli.  A proposed member’s name and occupation must be published for two weeks for the current membership to consider and file objections, if any. After two weeks the proposed members application is then brought before the board of directors for final approval. 
Ready for some Beethoven?
The Ninth!
Bay Atlantic Symphony is performing Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 on Saturday, May 6 at 3 pm at Rowan College of South Jersey.  The performance features the 100 member Greater South Jersey Chorus with an amazing quartet of singers: Lori Hultgren, soprano; Barbara Dever, messo-soprano; Min Jin, tenor; and, Joseph Parrish, bass baritone. This is the season finale - a performance of this most powerful, mind-smashing work.
Rotarians can purchase discounted tickets online using the code: NINTH. Our own Josie Spinelli is a board member of Bay Atlantic Symphony and we are looking to follow the performance with a fellowship. Let Josie know if you are planning to go!


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about the Vineland Rotary!

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May 12, 2023
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Jun 02, 2023 8:45 AM
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Jun 08, 2023 7:30 AM
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