Don't miss our next meeting Tuesday, April 18, 2023  at Larry's II Restaurant  @11:45 am

Special Guest Speaker: 

Fra Piccioni III,

Director of Dual Enrollment at Rowan College of South Jersey


Let's catch up on meeting highlights, news and more!


April 4, 2023 Luncheon Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President, Harry Maloney. Dennis Palmer led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Steve Schiavo conducted the 4-Way Test and Pastor Heather led us in prayer. Gus Foster was Sargeant at Arms. Notetaker was Linda Rumick Rotarians wished VP Andy Browne a happy birthday for his April 11 birthday (check below for all birthdays and anniversaries for the month). 

Attendance was 41 with 6 guests - potential members: Nancy Spinelli, Joe Rotello, Casie Harris and Melissa King along with student guests (shadowing Dennis Palmer) Carley Kaiser and Savannah Prescott. The Vineland Rotary welcomed Joe Rotello who attended his first meeting and brought a $250 contribution for our Hunger Project. That $250 will fund 1000 meal packets/6000 meals! Thank you Joe!

Rotarian of the Week!!

Congratulations to our newest Rotarian of the Week, Membership Chairperson Josie Spinelli! Josie is a dedicated Rotarian who works hard to promote the Vineland Rotary and the community service projects that we support. Congratulations Josie on a well-deserved award. Enjoy your trophy and crown


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Our Program - Mayor Anthony Fanucci

Our guest speaker, Mayor Fanucci, provided an in-depth update on what’s happening in the City of Vineland. He noted that the City has been rebranded over the past 6 years, earning national recognition and enjoying increased tax ratables. Ratables are now at $4 billion. Growth is likened to the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

The City weathered the Pandemic better than many other cities. Tax increases have been low. The mayor credited the city’s utilities (Vineland Electric Utility and Landis Sewerage Authority) for helping hold taxes down. “We are running on 8 cylinders and I’\m pushing for 12!” the mayor said. 

Mayor Fanucci, an honorary Vineland Rotarian, thanked the club for all that it does to help our community. “There’s so much value in what you do as Rotarians helping those in need in our community,

He complimented our own Dennis Palmer, Executive Director of the LSA as the “smartest guy in the room” no matter who else is in the room. He also complimented our own Sandy Forosisky, Director of Economic Development for the City because “she does all the hard work and I take the credit.” 

The Mayor said he is fortunate to have a City Council that buys into his vision and helps accomplish his goals. “Together, we are able to create a day that’s better for our children and our future.”

Mayor Fanucci addressed a number of other topics, including infrastructure improvements, long-range marketing and exceptional financial planning, investment strategies - all leading to a better environment for the city. He spoke of the Smart City broadband initiative designed to bring high quality internet service at reasonable prices to city residents. “My goal is to plan for today and prepare for tomorrow.”

Following his presentation, Mayor Fanucci answered a number of questions from our members. When asked about the future of the Senior Citizen Center, he explained what had been happening over the past several years (including the center being designated by the state as a spot for COVID testing and vaccinations). He assured us that the Center will be renovated and restored so that it once again serves the community, adding that “I am passionate about the Center - I volunteered there as a child with my grandparents.” He also answered questions about the planned reconfiguration of Chestnut Avenue - to three-lanes with a center turn lane.

“We received a $20 million grant from the Federal government for the project so we have to follow some of their guidelines.” 

Thank you Mayor Fanucci for a very informative presentation!


Hunger Project - VOLUNTEER!!

Gail Marino mentioned she needs volunteers for the Vineland Rotary Club Hunger Project on 4/22  from 10-11 am. We need 10 table captains and 10 volunteers for each table. We will assemble 20,000 meals to be donated to those in need in our community. Setup starts at 8 AM. Please contact Gail @ to volunteer.

It's scholarship time and we need your help! VOLUNTEER!!

The applications are in and now it's time to review and select our scholarship recipients. Scholarship committee chairs Susanna Phillippoussis and Brian Rehm need your help, Can you join the committee and review and complete a score card for each application? Scoring must be completed by April 21. One in-person meeting (April 26 @ 6 pm) will be held to review and select the awardees. Contact Susanna @ to volunteer!

Challenger League Buddy Day! VOLUNTEER!!


June 10 is the last day of the Challenger League season - and that's traditionally Rotary "Buddy" Volunteer Day.
Mark your calendars now and plan to participate in a fun-filled and very fulfilling day of service in our community.
Blood Drive - DONATE!!

Next Blood Drive is Tuesday 5/9/23 at the Ramada - we need volunteers! Contact Jim Siwek for more information @

Photos: Please remember to send all of your Rotary-related pictures to Jay Parks -- Jay thanks you!

Ready for some Beethoven?
The Ninth!
Bay Atlantic Symphony is performing Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 on Saturday, May 6 at 3 pm at Rowan College of South Jersey.  The performance features the Greater South Jersey Chorus with an amazing quartet of signers: Lori Hultgren, soprano; Barbara Dever, messo-soprano; Min Jin, tenor; and, Joseph Parrish, bass baritone. This is the season finale - a performance of this most powerful, mind-smashing work.
Rotarians can purchase discounted tickets online using the code "NINTH". Our own Josie Spinelli is a board member of Bay Atlantic Symphony and we are looking to follow the performance with a fellowship. Let Josie know if you are planning to go!
Have you received your Rotary shirt?
At the next two meetings, Frank Rumick will have Vineland Rotary Shirts available for members who have not received one.  Regular members receive a collared golf shirt and business alternates receive t-shirts.
Boys and Girls Club Designer Bag Bingo
Sue Sauro announced the event will be held Friday May 14, 2023 @ the Millville Elks Lodge #580, 1815 E Broad Street. Doors open 5:30 pm. Bingo starts at 7 pm. For more info or tickets, call Chris Volker @ 856-696-4190.
Important Notices for the Membership
Proposed Officers
for 2023-2024:

Andrew Browne, President
Jay Einstein, VP of Programs
Josie Spinelli, VP of Fundraising
Harry Maloney, Immediate Past President
David Schad, Charities Treasurer
Bonnie Laube, Club Treasurer
Melody Montgomery, Club Secretary
Sherry Soutiere, Community Service 
Karen Bauman, Club Administration
Gail Marino, Membership 
Maureen Simmons, Foundation
Sandy Hearing, Youth Services Chair
Linda Rumick, Community Awareness 
Susanna Philippoussis, International Service
New Member:
Nancy Spinelli, from Ackerman Spinelli Realty Inc. has applied for an individual Rotary Membership. Nancy's membership was proposed by Board Member Josie Spinelli.  A proposed member’s name and occupation must be published for two weeks for the current membership to consider and file objections, if any. After two weeks the proposed members application is then brought before the board of directors for final approval. 

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