See you Tuesday, January 17th for our regular luncheon meeting - 11:45 am @ Larry's II

Our program features

Stephanie Stawicki of the Peace Corps!


Newsletter for 12/20/22 Luncheon Meeting

(Sorry it's late members, but here's some very good information. Make sure you check out the links in the program information!)

   Notes:  Linda Foster
   Pledge:  Dave Scales
   4-Way Test:  Jim Siwek
   Prayer:  Donna Perez
President Harry welcomed everyone to today’s meeting and wished everyone a Happy Holiday Season!!
Sgt. At Arms, Gus, wished Happy Birthday to the following Rotarians:
Pastor Heather 12/20; Jay Einstein 12/25; Bob Middleton 12/27; Karen Bauman & Wayne Triantos 1/1.
We all sang to Karen Bauman, only birthday Rotarian present.  Everyone tried to guess which “New Year’s” baby was born first, Karen or Wayne.  Sherry won closest to the time, 9:16 am!!
We also had one guest, Santa/Grinch??  Frank Rumick.
Welcome to our newest member, Ana Saull!
Club Service Director, Karen Bauman, passed around a gift ball which everyone had the opportunity to unwrap and receive a special gift.  
Eileen Duffy had ornaments available to purchase with proceeds to be added to the Scholarship Fund in Ed Duffy’s memory.
Josie has started a new program recognizing an outstanding Rotarian.  
The awardee for the first “Rotarian of the Day” is Dave Schad!  Thank you for all you do Dave! 
Who is a Rotarian of the day?
  1. Someone who is always present at Rotary.
  2. Someone who lives the mantra.
  3. Someone who is always ready to lend a helping hand.
  4. Someone who works tirelessly to spread the word about Rotary.
  5. Finally, someone who is generous of spirit and heart.
Andy Browne, VP Programs, announced upcoming meeting speakers/programs.  Happy first day of winter where the days get longer and the cold gets colder!
1/17 Stephanie Stawicki, Peace Corp
1/26 Thursday Night meeting, William Gilson, Estate Planning
February – International Month
Maureen Simmons inducted our newest member, Ana Saull, into the membership of the Rotary Club of Vineland.  Ana’s sponsor & mother, Donna Perez, said she learned about Rotary when her husband, George, was selected as one of our Vocational Service Awardees.  Both Ana and Donna agree that the Vocational Service program spreads the “Good Cheer” about Rotary.
Our very own, Caitlin Terry, was our speaker today, giving us an update on her water well and sanitation projects.  Caitlin is a licensed Civil Engineer in the State of Jersey. She shared a few videos, one of which is an overview of Hydromissions' programs. You can see the video here (
One of her recent projects was to check on the first village she worked in - San Antonio, Guatemala (2009). The water tower is still being used today.  Caitlin also brought photo prints of a new well installed in India with funds from Vineland Rotary. If you would like to see the location of the well, use these coordinates (17°45'54.4"N 82°00'26.3"E) in Google Maps or follow this link: village water well location. The name of the village is Jvothila Mamidid and has a population of 105 people. Attached are photos of the well and the village. You can check out more about Hydromissions at or see more photos at   Each project costs between $1700-$2000 for either water wells, sanitation facilities or rainwater containment projects.
Caitlin recently traveled to East Africa and Central America.  She also had the opportunity to meet the students we are providing scholarships for in Tanzania.  Caitlin will be leaving mid-January for Uganda and then on to Kenya and Panama.  Donna Bennett announced that our club has been selected for a District Grant which will be used in support of Caitlin’s projects.  More details to come!!
President Harry ended the meeting encouraging all Rotarians to become active in Rotary and consider giving of your time and efforts to leadership positions in our club.  New committee chairs and board members will be announced soon so that elections can take place early in 2023.
Harry thanked Dave Schad for organizing the Wreath Project; Maureen Simmons for her delicious cookies provided at the meeting; Donna Perez for chairing the Vocational Service project; Karen Bauman for organizing our 2 recent dinners/evites; and Eileen Duffy, Sherry Soutiere and Ken Dondero for organizing the Special Needs Party.
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