Don't miss our next meeting!
Tomorrow ... Tuesday
September 5th
    11:45 am @ Larry's II
 Our speaker will be: 
    Elizabeth Meenan,
Executive Director
    Cumberland Guidance Center
The Cumberland County Guidance Center provides person centered, recovery focused mental health services to residents in a highly qualified, professional and compassionate environment. 
We look forward to hearing more about
The Guidance Center with Elizabeth!
Highlights from our August 29th Meeting
President Andy Browne opened the meeting. Dennis Palmer led us in the
Pledge of Allegiance, Ed Morvay performed the Four Way Test and
Jay Einstein gave the invocation. Linda Rumick was our notetaker.
Frank Rumick and Sherry Soutiere collected Happy Dollars from a number of happy and grateful Rotarians! We enjoyed hearing about good things happening to good people. And we were all happy to have Maureen Simmons (right) back following her recent shoulder surgery.
Andy announced that this year's Pedals for Progress collection of bicycles and sewing machines will be dedicated in memory of our recently deceased member, Henry Hansen. Please help us honor Henry's memory by obtaining donations and/or by helping to prepare the bikes for shipping,
Sherry Soutiere, and Denise Jackson (left) chairpersons for Community Service announced that starting in September, Rotary will initiate a monthly food drive. We will be collecting non-perishable foods and toiletries which will be donated to local charities. Members can bring items to any weekly meeting for the collection.
Club Administrator, Karen Bauman (right) announced that we are going to have a Vineland Rotary Family Barbeque at Parvins Park on Saturday, September 23 from 3-7 pm. We have both pavillions at the park reserved. We will be cooking and serving hot dogs, burgers and drinks but other barbeque goodies will be provided by our membership! Sign up sheets will be available at our September 5th meeting, Let's make this a great family event!!
Carol Sumoski (left) invited us all to attend a Luau Benefit Saturday, September 9th from 4-10 pm at the Millville Moose Lodge #2488. The luau will benefit two families who have been impacted by cancer recently. Carol's cousin is one of those who will benefit. Tickets are $20 - there will be a cookout, basket auction, live music and a cornhole tournament. Come on out and support at great cause!
David Scales, Rotarian and a member of the Board of the Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce was pleased to report that Rotarian Dawn Hunter has been honored with the NJ Chamber Alliance "Partnership of the Year Award" for 2023. Congratulations, Dawn on your very deserved award!
Sandy Hearing reminded us of the Friends Helping Friends Boscov’s coupon sale!! The $5 donation goes entirely to our Rotary charity fund! This coupon will get you 25% off of most purchases and 15% off of perfumes! Sandy has reached about 75% of her goal of $500. She will be selling them up until 10/18. Don’t forget to grab some for you and your family members to enjoy!
Frank Rumick (right) presented the fourth installment of  "50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know About Rotary". See below for the newest installment of Rotary knowledge from our membership committee.
Frank also announced that he will be accepting donations of used soccer equipment for Caitlin Terry. Caitlin will be taking these items to Kenya when she returns for yet another Hydromissions water and sanitation project. Items needed are: used cleats, uniforms, socks, deflated balls and pumps. Let's do our best to help Caitlin!
Donna Perez (left) reminded us that the Charles A. Loyle Vocational Service Award will be presented at our November 14th luncheon meeting. The award, presented annually to a non-rotarian, is awarded to someone who uses their vocation to help others in the community. For more information and to make a nomination, please contact Donna Perez at: 

Our Program: Karla Rossini
Citizens United for the Maurice River
Karla Rossini, Executive Director of the CU Maurice River gave our club a detailed insight into the Maurice River and the environmental issues impacting the river and its tributaries on a daily basis. Karla noted that she has an exceptional Board of Trustees whose members are devoted to protecting the river, One of those trustees is our own Dennis Palmer. Karla's presentation was titled "Building a Culture of Stewardship." 
CU Maurice River was established in 1979 and incorporated in 1986. The organization partners with the National Park Service. A watershed organization, the group works to protect the surface water, the ground water and all of the land that surrounds that. Karla refers to the Maurice River as "a national treasure". "Our river is unique because we actually have more wild and scenic miles in New Jersey than Montana does. And that's pretty impressive in a state with the most population density." 
A River Conservation Plan was designed with the National Park Service in conjunction with representatives of Vineland, Buena, Millville, Maurice River Township and Commercial Township. The plan was signed off on by all parties who signed a memorandum of understanding with the Department of the Interior basically saying "we will protect this river into the  future," In addition to local officials, input was received from crabbers, oystermen, farmers, developments and miners. "No other river, no other wild and scenic river has that same makeup," Karla noted.
And what is being protected? Natural resources which include 53 species on the New Jersey Endangered and Threatened list. Additionally, wildlife species like the Peregrine Falcon and the Bald Eagle all depend on the health of the system.
"So while we had one nesting pair of nesting eagles back in the 1970s and 1980s, we now have more than 200 nesting pairs - and that's all because of management and protection," Karla explained.
Karla presented a vast amount of detailed information about the Maurice River which held the interest of those present. For more information about CU Maurice River, visit the organization's website at:
Thank you, Karla for an exceptional presentation!
President Andy concluded the meeting with the following quote in honor of Donna Bennett's recent 4-day trek in Yosemite for the benefit of Shelter Box:
"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." - John Muir
Happy Faces of Rotary!
Our Membership Committee presents "50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know About Rotary".- learn something new each week!
Fact #4:
Object of Rotary

In some areas of the world weekly Rotary club meetings begin with all members standing and reciting the Object of Rotary This statement, which comes from the Constitution of Rotary, is frequently seen on a wall plaque in Rotarians' offices or place of business.
The Object of Rotary is "to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise." The statement then lists four areas by which this "ideal of service" is fostered: "through the development of acquaintance as the opportunity for service; the promotion of high ethical standards in business and professions; through service in one's personal, business and community life; and the advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace."
The Object of Rotary has not always been expressed in this manner. The original Constitution of 1906 had three objects: promotion of business interests, promotion of good fellowship and the advancement of the best interests of the community By 1910 Rotary had five Objects as increased emphasis was given to expanding Rotary. By 1915 there were six Objects. In 1918 the Objects were rewritten again and reduced to four. Four years later they had again grown to six and were revised again in 1927.
Finally, at the 1935 Mexico City Convention the six Objects were restated and reduced to four. The last major change came in 1951, when the "Objects" were streamlined and changed to a single "Object" which is manifested in four separate ways. The "ideal of service" is the key phrase in the Object of Rotary. This ideal is an attitude of being a thoughtful and helpful person in all of one's endeavors. That's what the Object truly means.
Courtesy of "50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know About Rotary" which was written by Steve Garret, District 5450 Governor 1994-1995
Can you adopt a cat in need?
Gail Marino has asked if any of our Rotarian families would be willing to adopt an 8 year old cat that belongs to Henry Hansen's long-time companion, Ingrid. Following Henry's passing, Ingrid is leaving Vineland and is unable to take her cat along. A good home is one without young children.
Contact Gail  <>  if you can help - or if you know someone who can.
Pedals for Progress!
It's time to start planning for one of our
long-standing service projects.
Mark your calendars for our annual Pedals for Progress event! Last year we collected 82 bicycles and 7 sewing machines. Our goal this year is to exceed those numbers! Start collecting bicycles now - ask others to donate. Check yard sales and flea markets.  On Saturday, October 21 we will gather at DNS Solutions 2898 S Main Rd, Vineland, NJ 08360 to prepare the bicycles for shipping,
Make sure you volunteer to help!! For more information about Pedals for Progress, visit their website
Start collecting bicycles now!
Let's make this another successful collection event!
Here's your chance to make a donation that supports
Vineland Rotary while giving you the chance
to win a valuable prize!
Click the link below for more information about Tix For Gooimaged and to donate for chances to win a variety of sporting event tickets -- like The 2024 Masters Golf package which includes weekend passes to golf's premier event, The Masters in Augusta, Georgia. A portion of your donations return to Vineland Rotary.
Check the site frequently because new experiences are added regularly! Make sure you tell your friends and family members about this great opportunity to take a chance to win awesome prizes - and to help support Vineland Rotary.
Click the link below to get started!
Don't wait to receive your newsletter - visit our website
regularly for up-to-the-minute information
and the latest Vineland Rotary news.
Check it regularly!
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