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Tuesday, October 3rd
    11:45 am @ Larry's II
Our guest speaker will be
Vineland Mayor Anthony Fanucci
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Highlights from our September 26th Meeting
President Andy Browne called the meeting to order at 11:45. Dennis Palmer led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Frank Rumick led us in the 4 Way Test. Frank also presented the latest "Rotary Moment" which related to the 4 Way Test. See the latest entry under "50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know about Rotary" below. Pastor Heather Sugden gave the invocation. Linda Rumick was our notetaker. Josie Neill was a guest of her husband, Norm Neill and Lucia Marone was a guest of Josie Spinelli. Everyone wished Sandy Hearing a speedy recovery following recent surgery and hopes to see her at a luncheon meeting soon!
Sherry Soutiere announced that the Special Needs Holiday Party for grammar school students will be held in December! It may be the December 13; we will have a confirmed date soon. She also announced that the road cleanup project was postponed because of a poor weather forecast; a new date will be scheduled.
President Andy reminded everyone that there's still time to make a nomination for the Vocational Service Award. The luncheon ceremony will be held on November 14. Andy also reminded everyone that the Pedals for Progress workday will be on October 21 at DNS Solutions 2898 S Main Rd in Vineland in the morning. Please donate bikes or sewing machines to this cause.
In Sandy Hearing's absence we were reminded that Boscov’s Shopping Passes for October 18th are still available for $5.00. Remember - all the money collected for every card sold comes back to our club! 
Caitlin Terry is still looking for used soccer equipment donations! She is back in NJ and will be at our meeting October 3. Donations will be shipping to Kenya. Please bring any used cleats, uniforms, socks, deflated balls and pumps to our next meeting. 
                                  Let's do our best to help Caitlin!
Happy Dollars - once again, many of our Rotarians were happy - and made contributions to the Vineland Rotary Charities fund because of their joy. This week, happy Rotarians included: Norm Neill, Joe Botero, Kevin Bernhardt, Jay Einstein, Harry Maloney, Carol Musso, Sherry Soutiere, Linda Rumick, Josie Spinelli, Ed Morvay, Gus Foster, Bonnie Laube and Dennis Palmer.
A Classification By New Member:  Joe Botero
Joe Botero was born in Bogata, Columbia and was 11 years old when he came to the United States. Prior to that, he was a student in an English boarding school run by the British Consulate,  where he learned to speak English. Joe’s father was an attorney for the oil company, Esso (now know as Exxon). Joe moved to Coral Gables, FL and was thrilled to attend public school where he was able to dress any way he wanted instead of in “funny uniforms”. 
An animated and engaging speaker, Joe said “the biggest thing about me is that my real name is not Joe Botero. It is Jose Luis Botero Garcia Velasquez Martinez.” He had a resident Visa when he came to the US. “They are the same thing as being a US citizen except you don’t have the right to vote or the right to be on a jury.”
When he was 18, his father wanted him to move back to Columbia but he decided to stay in the US. After two years of college, he found himself thinking about joining the Navy after hearing President Johnson speak about the war, However, Joe was recruited by the Marine Corps by a recruiter who told him he wouldn’t be sent to Vietnam because he had already completed two years of college.  “This gunnery sergeant is at the door and says ‘let's talk’. And I said, are you crazy? You're gonna send me to Vietnam. He said, ‘are you in college by chance?’ And I said, just finished my second year in college. He said, ‘son, we're not going to waste that money, that experience. There's a bunch of other things you could do.’ So I joined the Marine Corps. That was August of 1967. Come January 6, 1968 -  I'm in the infantry. I landed in Da Nang.” 
After his experience in the war, Joe experienced the “biggest part of my happiness – August 18, 1969. That's when I became a US citizen.” And that’s when his name was officially changed to Joseph L. Botero.
When Joe came back from Vietnam and was discharged, he finished school and joined the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller for 8 ½ years. He became a banker and retired as a banker from the First National Bank of Arizona. He met his current wife Cindy in Arizona and she convinced him to move to New Jersey. They recently purchased a second home in Florida so that they will now be officially “Snow Birds” - residing part of the year in Florida and part in New Jersey.
Thank you Joe for providing us with an interesting insight into your life. We are happy to have you as our newest Rotarian!
Happy Rotarians enjoying another great meeting!
Get to know some Rotarians!!
President Andy brought four Rotarians forward to answer questions that gave us some insights about them. From left, Gail Marino, Jay Einstein, Bonnie Laube and Harry Maloney talked to us about their favorite books, movies and music. Andy also participated. Thanks everyone for your insights!
Do you know a trailblazing Cumberland County Woman?
We have been asked by the Cumberland County Women's Hall of Fame to consider nominating a Cumberland County woman who is a trailblazer. The CCWHOF is accepting nominations. The deadline for nominations is October 15, 2023.
Follow this link to the website to make a nomination:
Our Membership Committee presents "50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know About Rotary".- learn something new each week!
Fact # 6
The 4-Way Test
One of the most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics in the world is the Rotary "4-Way Test." It was created by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor in 1932 when he was asked to take charge of the Chicago based Club Aluminum Company, which was facing bankruptcy. Taylor looked for a way to save the struggling company mired in depression-caused financial difficulties. He drew up a 24-word code of ethics for all employees to follow in their business and professional lives. The 4-Way Test became the guide for sales, production, advertising and all relations with dealers and customers, and the survival of the company was credited to this simple philosophy.
Herb Taylor became president of Rotary International during 1954-55. The 4-Way Test was adopted by Rotary in 1943 and has been translated into more than 100 languages and published in thousands of ways. The message should be known and followed by all Rotarians.
"Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?"
Here's your chance to make a donation that supports
Vineland Rotary while giving you the chance
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Win a Trip to Kansas City for the Monday Night Rematch!

We are sending 2 lucky folks to Kansas City for the rematch in style! imageDonate to your favorite Non Profit Organization below and be entered to win today! The winner of this sweepstakes will receive the following:
 * 2 Lower Level Tickets to Philadelphia vs Kansas City Professional Football Game in Kansas City on November 20th, 2023
 * 2 Nights Stay for 2 in a Hilton Property
 * Round-trip Airfare to and from Kansas City for 2 People*
 * A One of a Kind Painting of The Kelce Brothers by Renowned Artist George Perez
           Entry Deadline: 11:59pm 11/5/2023
           Winner Selected: 10:00am 11/6/2023
Click the link below to get started! Select Rotary Club of Vineland and your donations benefit our club!

On Saturday, October 21 we will gather at DNS Solutions 2898 S Main Rd, Vineland, NJ 08360 to prepare the bicycles for shipping. Make sure you volunteer to help!! For more information about Pedals for Progress, visit their website
Start collecting bicycles now!
Let's make this another successful collection event!
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