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Tuesday, November 7th
11:45 am @ Larry's II
Our program will be presented by the
Foundation Committee featuring ...
The Rotary Foundation
Vineland Rotary sends get well wishes to our President, Andy Browne
who is at home recuperating from
recent shoulder surgery.
Andy, we hope you're back
at the podium soon!
Highlights from our October 31st Meeting
President Andy Browne called the meeting to order.  Maureen Simmons led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Frank Rumick led us in the 4 Way Test. Maureen also gave the invocation. Linda Rumick was our notetaker. 
Sandy Hearing reminded everyone that the Rotaract Club from Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ) is hosting a blood drive on Thursday, November 9th at the college from 8:15 am until 1:15 pm. 

Sherry Soutiere reminded us that the Special Needs Holiday Party is set for Wednesday, December 13 at Rossi School!! You don't want to miss this amazing event as we entertain special needs students with music, movies, holiday snacks  and a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus! So far, we have more than 200 attendees! We will package the gift bags for the students the evening before following our Holiday Dinner Party Tuesday, December 12th. 
Food Drive: Let's not forget about our monthly food drive!  Sherry announced that the November collections will be for the SPCA. Goods that are desired can be 
found at the following site: We received a thank you from Mission Teens, the recipient of last month's donations.
Harry Maloney reminded everyone that our Spirit And Truth monthly lunch project continues the first Friday of each month. We meet at the First United Methodist Church at 7th and Landis at 8:45 am and are finished in about 45 minutes. Currently the project is coordinated by Joanne Hewes. We have been doing this monthly about three years. Mark your calendars and VOLUNTEER!!!
Happy Dollars - Happiness among Rotarians continues! Happy Dollars - collected by the team of Susanna Philippoussis and Frank Rumick. This week’s happiest members included Jay Einstein, Andy Browne, Harry Maloney, Karen Bauman, Sue Sauro and Melody Montgomery. Happiness abounds among the members of the Vineland Rotary Club!
President Andy also reminded us about the 3rd Annual Olde Fashioned Christmas celebration that will be held in Downtown Vineland on Friday, December 1 and Saturday, December 2. Exciting news! Fireworks will be set off on Friday, December 1 after the tree lighting ceremony! Follow this link for much more information:
Our Program: "Who Nose?"
Susanna Philippousis
How important is breathing - and how you do it - to your overall health? Susanna Philippousis gave us an in depth presentation that detailed just how important breathing is. Rotarians were surprised to hear the many issues that arise when individuals breath through their mouths and not their noses. 
She noted: "Few scientists set out to study breathing, but somehow in some way breathing kept finding them. They discovered that our capacity to breathe has changed through the long process of human evolution, and that the way we breathe has gotten way worse since the dawn of the industrial age. They discovered 90% of us are very likely breathing incorrectly, and that this failure is either causing or aggravating a laundry list of chronic diseases.  On a more inspiring note, some of these researchers were also showing that many modern issues like asthma, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, psoriasis, and more could either be reduced or reversed, simply by changing the way we inhale and exhale. The missing pillar of Health is breath." 
Please read Susanna's presentation here to find out why the way you breathe is so important to your health:
Thank you Susanna for a very interesting presentation!
The Happy Faces of Rotary
The Masters in Augusta, Georgia
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