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Tuesday, October 24th
    11:45 am @ Larry's II
Featuring Guest Speaker:
Nick Surace, President
DNS Solutions, LLC
Nick Surace, DNS President pictured above with Cara Stanzione, Director of Operations (left) and Alicia Fichera, Director of Sales and Marketing (right). 
Pedals For Progress:
A Huge Success!
Vineland Rotarians prepared, packed and shipped 97 bicycles and 20 sewing machines on Saturday!
Thanks to our 2023 Pedals For Progress coordinators, Dave Hanrahan and Alicia Fichera who worked their magic to beat last year's total of 82 bicycles! This year's collection was held in honor of the late Henry Hansen, who headed the project for Vineland Rotary for many years. Henry's granddaughter, Dawn Cleave, joined the work crew on Saturday to help get the donations prepped and packed for shipment. Helping make the event a success on Saturday were: Diane Alcantara, Karen Bauman, Andy Browne, Eileen Duffy, Jay Einstein, Alicia Fichera, Mike Fichera, Gus Foster, Linda Foster, Dave Hanrahan, Betsy Loyle, Harry Maloney, David Scales, Steve Schiavo, Cara Stanzione, Nick Surace, Carmella Surace (Nick’s daughter), Dominick Surace (Nick’s son) and Frank Virona (DNS).
Highlights from our October 17th Meeting
President Andy Browne called the meeting to order.  Cara Stanzione led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Nick Surace led us in the 4 Way Test. Pastor Heather Sugden gave the invocation. Alicia FIchera was our notetaker and Cara Stanzione assisted as photographer. Guests included our program speaker, Jill Lombardo-Melchiore and Sherri Prescott, potential business member from Wells Fargo. 
Josie Spinelli announced that the Downtown Clock Dedication, celebrating both the Vineland Rotary's 100th anniversary as a club and the Downtown Vineland "Where Its Always Growing Season"! will be held TODAY - Monday, October 23rd. Please come out and join in the celebration!
When:    Monday, October, 23, 2023 TODAY!!!
Where:   Landis Avenue near 7th Street @ the Town Clock (near PNC bank)
Time:      10:30 am
All Rotarians are welcomed and encouraged to attend!
Donna Perez (left) reminded everyone that the Vocational Service Award will be presented at our November 14th luncheon meeting. This year's recipient will be Brian Lankin, owner of Al's Shoes on Landis Avenue and an active community leader. Mark your calendars and do not miss this event!
Sandy Hearing spoke about Boscov’s Shopping Passes - all the money collected for every $5 card sold comes back to our club! UPDATE: We exceeded last year's sales totals! Congratulations Sandy for heading the effort which brought in $675 for Vineland Rotary! 

Josie Spinelli placed new collection cans on every table for funds to assist with Wreaths of Remembrance. Wreaths of Remembrance will be held December 9th at 9:00 am.  Rotarians will once again gather at the Cumberland County Veterans Cemetery to place wreaths on the graves of area veterans to mark the holiday season. We will be joined by members of the Bridgeton Rotary to join us and they have accepted! They will be bringing students from Bridgeton and Cumberland Regional High Schools. We will also be joined by Interact students from CCTEC.
Sherry Soutiere reminded us that the Special Needs Holiday Party is set for Wednesday, December 13 at Rossi School!! You don't want to miss this amazing event as we entertain special needs students with music, movies, holiday snacks and a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus! So far, we have 140 attendees! We will package the gift bags for the students the evening before following our Holiday Dinner Party Tuesday, December 12th. More details to come! Karen Bauman said invitations for the Holiday Dinner will be emailed soon and noted Jay Parks will present his much anticipated Rotary Year in Review that evening.
Food Drive: Let's not forget about our monthly food drive!  Sherry reminded us to bring canned goods and other non-perishables to our weekly meetings. This month's recipient will be Mission Teens.
Happy Dollars - Happiness among Rotarians continues! Donna Perez collected Happy Dollars (and a kiss). Happy members included Jay Einstein, Dave Hanrahan, Ken Dondero, Carol Musso and Ed Morvay who secured the kiss.
Josie also reminded us about the 3rd Annual Olde Fashioned Christmas celebration that will be held in Downtown Vineland on Friday, December 1 and Saturday, December 2. Last year's celebration has been characterized as "magical"! The committee, chaired by Josie (who is credited with developing the celebration from its inception) is seeking sponsors and vendors. Rotary will have a booth as well. Follow this link for much more information:
Code Blue Volunteers Needed!
Gail Marino is seeking volunteers to join the "Salad Crew" for Code Blue. 
Each volunteer will make a fresh salad for Code Blue guests usually only 1-2 times when Code Blue is in force, along with dressings.  Once in a while, volunteers may be asked to supply a dessert.  If you are interested in helping, contact Gail at for more information. 
Gail noted that Code Blue will become active as of November 1st. when temperatures fall below 32 degrees between 6pm – 6am. In addition to the "Salad Crew", there are other volunteer opportunities available. Talk to Gail for more information!
Our Program: 
Jill Lombardo, Rural Development Corporation
Jay Einstein introduced our speaker, Jill Lombardo-Melchoire of Rural Development Corp. Jill is the Executive Director of the Rural Development Corporation located at 6140 Mays Landing Road, Vineland.
The Rural Development Corporation is a charitable tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) non-profit community based organization founded in 1972 by residents and non-governmental organizations in the rural most southernmost counties of New Jersey.
Its purpose was to improve the quality of life for underserved and/or unserved areas and populations in rural locations throughout Southern New Jersey, primarily through community organization, outreach, working with governmental and other non-profit entities to facilitate community development and the provision of social services to the needy.
Special emphasis is given to areas and populations where geographic, transportation, social economic and other barrier prevent access to service by the community of no services exist. While RDC has been involved in the development and the provision of many services such as job training, affordable housing, domestic violence, etc. its goal is to encourage the development of services and to only provide those services if or until sufficient interest and infrastructure exists for the community to permanently address these issues on their own, or the problem is abated.
The attention and resources of the Organization have been concentrated on the operation of a shelter for the homeless individuals and families in New Jersey's six southern counties (Cumberland Family Shelter) and operation of a food bank and food distribution network servicing shelters, soup kitchens, emergency food pantries and other sites serving the needy (Southern Regional Food Distribution Center).

Jill explained the goal is to take those individuals and work with them to get them to the next best place for them! Every individual is different with unique needs. There are thorough background checks made before being accepted into the shelter. This keeps everyone, especially the children safe.

* Homeless Adult(s) must complete a screening (series of questions)
* Information is reviewed for program eligibility
* Criminal Background check is conducted
* Once the above has been processed, staff will advise individual of acceptance

* Client Request for Services Agreement and other forms are reviewed and completed
* Identification is necessary
* Room and bed assignment
* Hygiene items and linens
* All clothing must be placed in the clothes dryer for 50 minutes before items can be taken in the building or assigned room
* Three meals and a snack every day
* Linen exchange
* Television in Dayroom
* Transportation on Shelter Bus to:
   - Seek housing
    - Seek employment
    - Board of Social Services
    - Pharmacy
    - Social Security Administration Office
    - Complete Care
    - Board of Education
    - Police Departments (for low-income background checks)
   -  Laundromat

There are 36 children currently living in the shelter ranging from 2 weeks old to 17 years old.
RDC has 3 full time social workers who work with each individual to guide them and help them achieve their goals. There is a Family Resource Navigator who helps children get their shots, IEP’s, takes them on trips (bowling, movies, etc.). He also works with the local school districts to help the children stay in school. These children are now able to be involved in sports, they receive the necessary equipment- no child is left behind!

There is a Housing Coach who specifically assists individual’s find safe housing by finding rentals and helping them get in. The goal is to spend less than a year at the shelter.

The shelter assists in Code Red, Code Blue, donated diapers and water to other local organizations in need. IF THEY HAVE IT TO GIVE, THEY WILL SHARE IT!
There is also a swing set for the children which was donated by Rotary – thank you for that!

On the new construction/expansion side, there will be room for storage/produce. With the expansion, they will be able to house 140 people! Currently there are 2 sections to the shelter: men’s/women and children on 117 acres of ground. The new expansion will include the ability for “family housing” where families will be able to stay together onsite. This will allow mothers and fathers to be with their children and also allow them to take in single fathers. 

On Columbus day they had their Fall Fest which included bouncy houses and fun for the kids to get them OUT and active. 36 children attended. 
4 million pounds of food was taken in last year, 129 Organizations were supplied food! Last month alone, 35,000 people were fed through pantries. If you’d like to see the magic, please come by on distribution day. 2,000 whole chickens, 5,000 turkeys will be distributed. 

Jill ended her presentation thanking Rotary for being a partner, a friend and a supporter of RDC! Please feel free to reach out to her if you would ever like a tour!
To donate or schedule a tour please visit or call
Administration: 856-327-3143
Food Program: 856-327-3145
Once a Rotarian, Always a Rotarian!
Former Vineland Rotarian, Bill Plick, who now lives in Louisiana, visited the area this past week and enjoyed dinner with a number of club members. Bill is now a member of a Rotary club in his new location. We all miss our favorite "Fine Master"!
Pictured (from left) are:
Josie and Norm Neill, Donata Dalesandro, Gus and Linda Foster, Bill Plick, Frank and Linda Rumick and Betsy and Michael Loyle.
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